These Shoes Are Kid-Tested and Parent-Approved

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Kids can wear out shoes fast. You can't afford to buy a new pair every month. You won't have to if you purchase high-quality kids' shoes from trusted manufacturers.

Owatonna Shoe carries a wide range of kids' athletic shoes from infant 4 to youth 7. We stock our shelves with shoes from...

  • KEEN
  • New Balance
  • Saucony

You might recognize some of these brands; you might even be wearing their shoes. Why not test the quality of their kids' shoes?

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No more boo-boos from tight shoes

No more boo-boos from tight shoes

Say goodbye to blisters and pinched toes. Our friendly staff can fit your child for brand-new shoes. We'll keep your budget and their style preferences in mind so everyone leaves our store happy.

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